Getting to Know Jodi

Jodi Detjen has been a professor of management at Suffolk University since 1999. She co-authored The Orange Line: A Woman’s Guide to Integrating Career, Life and Family in May 2013With Kelly Watson, Jodi co-founded Orange Grove Consulting where they conduct workshops, talks and consult on their unique approach to changing mindsets about women and work.  They work with companies of all sizes to bring more women into leadership.

Formerly, Jodi was a founding partner of a boutique consulting firm, the InTrinsic Group, guiding organizations to leverage their existing people and processes to maximize performance and long term impact. Jodi has been helping organizations develop their leaders for over 25 years.   She teaches, consults and writes in areas of leadership development, systemic and organization change management, and how women can realize their power.jodi-dejen-0016-e1363719871492
Jodi teaches management at the MBA, Undergraduate and Corporate Education levels both online, in the classroom and internationally. Jodi teaches the way adults learn through interaction and application of the concepts.

Prior to teaching and independent consulting, Jodi was an international management consultant based in London, England working with Global 1000 clients.  Jodi focused on redesigning operations thereby realizing significant financial benefits.  Her MA in International Development Policy is from Duke University and her B.Sc., from Virginia Tech in Management Science.

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